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Cyclist Reports Reckless Motorist to Police

/Cyclist Reports Reckless Motorist to Police

Cyclist Reports Reckless Motorist to Police

Die Burger

15 February 2006

Cyclist Reports ‘Reckless’ Motorist to Police 

Leeann Raymond

Police say a complaint of reckless and negligent driving has been filed by international cyclist Danilo Hondo against a motorist he alleges drove into him deliberately in Somerset West on Monday.

Hondo is in South Africa training for the Tour de France with German cycling champion and Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich’s T- Mobile team.

According to police spokesman Elliot Sinyangana , Hondo initially reported an accident, but last night filed a complaint against the motorist.

The motorist had told police Hondo and his cycling partner, Matthias Kessler, had sworn at him and he had accidentally hit Hondo as he was trying to pass the two cyclists, who were riding abreast of each other.

But Tony Brown , spokesman for T- Mobile , said a motorist , aged about 60 years,
had shouted at Hondo as he and Kessler were riding down Paarl Vallei Road.

According to Brown, the motorist had “purposefully and with intent” driven into Hondo’s bicycle, smashing it. Kessler had thrown a bicycle at the car and the motorist had driven away.

The motorist told police he had left because Kessler was attacking him.

Sinyangana said police were investigating. According to Brown, Hondo was in pain yesterday and saw specialists about his whiplash and knee injuries.

Hondo was worried they could affect his future earnings. He is to seek legal advice
from the team’s lawyer today.

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