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e-Health Law

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e-Health Law2020-07-16T16:05:13+02:00

Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Attorneys is pleased to advise that they offer healthcare practice support insofar as electronic process and communication in healthcare concerned.

Informatics or e-Health covers any electronic/digital processes in health. It includes healthcare and advice provided over the internet as well as application and links to mobile phones (m-Health).

Increasingly the internet and electronic/digital communication have infiltrated the medical environment and in the service of patients. This includes solutions provided over the internet including the prescription of medication, dispensing of advice (Telemedicine) and the electronic storing of health records.

Aspects of the e-Health environment are regulated by legislation, others by policy and best practices.

The provision of e-Health has become ubiquitous and the legal aspects surrounding it more and more complicated.

Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Attorneys specialises in personal injury and labour law and the combination of the two including expertise in the electronic communication legislation and the legislation surrounding the storage of personal information have made for a natural and logical synergy.