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Product Liability

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Defective products
Damaged products
Injuries caused by defective products

The Consumer Protection Act provides added protection to consumers in considering and pursuing product liability claims.

At Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Attorneys Inc. we have pursued many such product liability claims including breast implantship replacements and prosthetic eyes.

Each product liability claim must be thoroughly investigated and the source of the prosthetic or product carefully investigated and considered. Ensuring that the right Defendant and chain of possession is established are vital.

The product liability claim will be successful if the correct defendant is cited and on proving that the product either implanted or provided to the consumer failed to meet the requisite standards, causing harm. Often products are difficult to test and very unusual.

We have experience in investigating these extraordinary product liability claims.

Once such product liability claim we have dealt with includes investigating the suitability of a flash suit provided to an electrician who was an employee of Eskom. These type of product liability claims can be brought either by the injured consumer for damages caused to him or her personally or alternatively as a loss of support claim by his or her dependants.

The damages claimable are:

1. Past Medical Expenses
2. Future Medical and Hospital Expenses;
3. Past and Future Loss of Earning; and
4. General Damages.

The offices of Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Attorneys inc. established in 1965 are proficient in the handling and litigating of product liability claims.

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With offices and representatives country wide from Cape Town and Johannesburg we are able to represent clients throughout South Africa.