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Road Accident Fund Claims

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Road Accident Fund Claims
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The Road Accident Fund legislation and law is constantly changing.

The Road Accident Fund itself is attempting to dissuade members of the public from using the services of attorneys. However, Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Attorneys Inc. have shown time again that without the advice of competent attorneys such as Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Inc.

Road Accident Fund Claims can be extremely difficult to institute and pursue and are grossly under settled. The Road Accident Fund itself is a Defendant with deep pockets and is extremely litigious.
A passenger (front seat or back seat) of a motor vehicle involved in a motor vehicle collision or road accident is entitled to recover compensation directly against the Road Accident Fund.

To date, a driver is also entitled to such compensation provided that negligence on the part of the other driver or the other vehicle involved is shown. The claims process is made difficult by the statutory requirements for documentation to be completed by the first treating hospital / doctor and because numerous documents need to be collected from different sources.

This is a timely and extremely expensive process which the offices of Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Incorporated manage swiftly and efficiently. The Road Accident Fund is the statutory insurer of all drivers on the roads within the borders of South Africa. To be successful negligence on the part of the insured driver, or driver of the other vehicle must be shown. Often this requires the services of an accident reconstruction expert.

The damages claimable are:

1. Past hospital and medical expenses
2. Future medical expenses – in the form of a letter of undertaking;
3. Past and Future loss of earnings which are statutorily capped;
4. General damages for pain and suffering provided that the American Medical Association Guidelines are met.

Road Accident Fund Claim Forms

Click below to view files on how to fill in road accident fund claim forms

RAF Claim Form
Accident Report(AR) Form
Accident Sketch

If you have been involved in a road accident or motor vehicle collision in Southern Africa we are able to assist you. We have represented clients in Namibia, Botswana, every province of South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland etc.

The offices of Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Attorneys inc. established in 1965 are proficient in the handling and litigating of road accident fund claims.

If you would like to institute or pursue such a claim against a third party or the Road Accident Fund with the assistance of Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Attorneys Inc. please contact us on:

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With offices and representatives country wide from Cape Town and Johannesburg we are able to represent clients throughout South Africa.