Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Inc

Established in Johannesburg in 1965 Malcolm Lyons founded the first legal firm in South Africa to specialise in Personal Injury Law.

In South Africa, Malcolm Lyons and Brivik Inc. have an unrivalled reputation for obtaining high levels of compensation for victims of accidents, medical malpractice or hospital negligence and for effectively handling unfair labour practices.

The firm has been responsible for some historic legal decisions.

These include:

  • The precedent for the highest South African award for general damages for a road accident victim, approved by the Supreme Court of Appeal.
  • A successful challenge to the validity of the clause in a motor vehicle hire contract disowning liability for defects in hired cars.
  • The court decision giving the right to a mother to sue for damages for the wrongful birth of a severely injured child.
  • The rights of over 3000 South African victims of an asbestos disease whose cases  proceeded in the U.K:
    • Protecting the rights of “whistleblowers” – the first to test the legislation in  South Africa.
    • Establishing the rights of unions in the workplace

The practice has 4 lawyers and 4 candidate attorneys and is associated with firms in Europe and the USA who work with us to handle overseas claims.

We attend national and international medical, medico-legal, personal injury and labour congresses. We have lectured on third party insurance and personal injury law for the Association of Law Societies since 1981.


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