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Digital technologies have revolutionised multiple industries including law. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the benefit of virtual accessibility which made it possible for almost every one of us to realise it’s potential during a time when physical contact had to be limited.

Similar accessibility issues have always been a barrier for some of our clients who suffer from a personal injury, loss of a family member or employment constraints that make it difficult for them to pursue a legal claim because they are not able to physically meet with an attorney.

Video here explains the platform experience and why it mattered to MLB to create it for clients, should be by Tzvi and other management or staff willing to participate +- 1.30 minutes to 3 minutes. (Or clients that are willing to go public)


Your Privacy is our Priority
It is because of this that Malcolm Lyons and Brivik Inc. are proud to introduce our virtual legal consulting platform because we understand how it could simplify the difficult journey our clients may be going through.

Part of the reason we have decided to develop a stand-alone, secure virtual platform as opposed to using a public realm like Skype©, Zoom© or WhatsApp© is that we value your privacy which in most cases when it comes to sharing sensitive information over the internet like medical-legal data, accident particulars or concerns related to labour law claims against your employer, we believe it is important to protect you.







Virtual Consulting Costs

We offer virtual legal consultations for (30 mins or 1-hour)
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Road Accident Fund
Personal Injury
Medical Negligence
Labour Law etc.



Can I get a recording of the video after our consultation?
***You should really because many clients might forget what you have said during the consultation, especially if they have just suffered a major injury or a family member attends on their behalf such as in the case of a motor accident.

How do I prepare for my consultation to make the most of our time?
Before our consultation, we suggest that you note down all the events of your issue so that you are able to describe it to us in as much detail and as accurately as possible without feeling pressured by time which could result in an incomplete story. We have prepared a few questions for each type of consultation above which can guide you to do so.