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“Our actions express our priorities”

                                                     -Mohandas Ghandi.

Malcom Lyons and Brivik Incorporated mission statement

Since 1965, Malcom Lyons and Brivik Incorporated have represented the injured and the dependants of those killed by the negligence of others.

Ours is a litigation firm which has over the years advanced the law, and substantially increased compensation awards in many reported decisions in the courts.

Also specializing in labour law we represent the interests of organised labour, private employers and employees across numerous industries.

When it comes to advising employers and business owners in the labour field we ensure their rights are protected with thorough preparation and representation.  

We make certain that our clients are properly and adequately compensated and we do so in a transparent manner. Our client is part of the process and kept fully informed as a partner in the litigation.

We strive through our actions to protect you and maintain our reputation as fierce defenders of the injured and ardent prosecutors of their claims.  



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