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Labour Law Disciplinary Hearing

///Labour Law Disciplinary Hearing
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Disciplinary Hearings / Contracts

We have assisted employers in their day to day management of employees. This includes preparing Notices to attend Disciplinary hearings, chairing disciplinary hearings, preparing the outcome/ recommendations from Disciplinary hearings and managing the warnings system. We have at Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Inc. also drafted company codes and procedures ranging from misconduct to sexual harassment.

We have also prepared Contracts of Employment and reviewed Contracts of Employment on behalf of employees.

Often employers and employees are uncertain whether they have contracted as independent contractors or entered into an employment relationship; or whether they wish to have fixed term employment arrangements or temporary employment arrangements.

On other occasions Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Inc. have been asked to prepare the Tri-partite agreements between labour brokers, the employees themselves and the clients and customers of the labour brokers.

This includes determining when and how payments will be made, whether any indemnities need to be signed and who ultimately is required to make the statutory deductions including payments of the Workmens Compensation Commissioner.

Should you wish to contact Malcolm Lyons & Brivik Attorneys Inc. to assist in any 
displinary hearings/ contracts 
or unfair dismissal  please contact us on:

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0861 MLB INC / (021) 425-5570

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With offices and representatives country wide from Cape Town and Johannesburg we are able to represent clients throughout South Africa.