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Understanding the Complexities of a Child Injury Claim

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Understanding the Complexities of a Child Injury Claim

If your child is involved in an accident that was a result of the negligence by a third-party, you may have a legal claim. Child injuries are a specialist area of personal injury law which require careful investigation to ensure maximum compensation, particularly for children whose injuries resulted in death, or a permanent disability. The claim can be complicated further when establishing whether the child had contributed towards an accident, as well as when considering their age and gender. It’s therefore imperative to seek professional advice from a reputable attorney.

Child injuries can be a result of many incidents which may include the following:

Road accidents
Bicycle accidents
Defective products such as car seats
Daycare or child care accidents
Playground accidents
Animal bites or attacks
Slip and fall accidents
Swimming pool accidents
Poisons (eg. ingesting household chemicals)
Injuries caused by medical malpractice
Sports injuries
Burns (eg. hot stoves or water, fires)

In the event that you are asked to sign an indemnity contract or the third-party has displayed visible notices, it is still advisable to pursue a claim because many serious accidents are not covered using those methods. It is also advisable that you inquire whether they have liability coverage with their insurance company such as in the case of a school or other entity taking care of your child before enrolling them.

How do I pay the legal fees?
We do consider these matters on our ordinary no win no fee basis and are able to assist clients in pursuing claims for a child injury.

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